Saturday, January 25, 2014

ZEV10 LRC (long range commuter)

The ZEV 10 LRC is a two-wheeled electric motor scooter manufactured by ZEV (Z Electric Vehicle). It is a long range commuter and the world’s longest range and the fastest production electric motor scooter.
-Manufacturer- ZEV (Z electric vehicle)
-Range- 225 Km/140 miles at 55 mph to 129 km / 80 miles at 70 mph
-Speed- 130 Kph/80 mph speed
-10 Kw of continuous output power. Motor rated to 15,000 watts.
-15 Kw of peak power and standing start power
-10 Kwh lithium battery package.
-MSRP - $13,990
Less 10% federal tax credit against the purchase price for your income tax.
-High power, high visibility, brilliant LED tail light and turn signals that are visible for 45 degrees off center for enhanced safety at night.
-Brilliant LED daylight driving lights for maximum recognition.
-Huge under seat storage. Deeper in the back, the box goes under the seat latch and can handle full face helmets.
-Big enough to load for a trip. (Note side small compartments in this large box)
-More storage in the front over and under the handlebars. 4 compartments in total in the front, + the under seat storage.
-The battery pack on the LRC is an industry leading 10 kwh.
-Unique in the world of motor scooters, the LRC uses a double rail chassis of large OD tubing to form the chassis. The rest of the world generally uses a single tube to form the side rails of the chassis, or even just one single backbone tube. The LRC then further makes the chassis rigid by making the battery box a stressed member of the chassis in effect boxing and gusseting the already very strong tube chassis. This is the "secret" of the ZEV handling qualities.
-Designed for easy service and trouble shooting, the LRC has all of its electronics, power cables, power converters, and main connections in one easy to access area at the front of the seat. A gas lift strut keeps the seat up for hands free access.
-Reverse / back up control is built into the throttle control body. The round, red button pushes in and locks for reverse to help you handle the bike if needed.
-The LRC hub motor is mounted in a very long swing arm with gas shocks for the smoothest and most controllable ride.
-Optional charging ports for charging phones, laptops, or running heated riding clothing in the under seat or main front compartment.
-94 mph design speed rated tires, 150 mph test speed. (P Type) for maximum safety. Load capacity index of 60, 531 lbs (241 kg) each.
Electric Super Scooter, 10 kw continuous, 225 km / 140 m range at 80 km/h / 55 mph. 135 km/h / 84 mph speed. 10 kwh battery pack. Direct drive Hub motor. 3 speed electronic transmission to extend the raise by allowing the rider to control amps and volts (torque and rpm). Motor rated at 10 kw continuous, 20 kw for 1.5 minutes, +80 mile/ 140 km range on the Interstate at 114 km/70 mph.
We wanted to build the world's longest range electric bike for our commuter customer base.
Range: to 225 km/140 miles at 55 mph
: to 129 km/80 miles at 70 mph
Speed: 130 kph / 80 mph speed (+80 mph per the Motorcycle Industry test procedure with a crouch without the touring windshield)
10 Kw (10,000 WATTS) OF CONTINUOUS OUTPUT POWER. Motor rated to 15,000 watts
15,000 watts of peak power and standing start power.
10 Kw lithium battery package.
MSRP $13,990
Less--10% Federal tax credit against the purchase price for your income tax (USA).

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