Call on Investors for Proposals

I made this project for the production of green energy, namely solar and wind energy.

In this line, the Romanianl Government and Europen Comitet issued a legislation to grant private individuals the opportunity to participate in the production of some energy green .
Within this context, the territory of the Black Sea has been identified as the best possible location in the country, due to its geographical conditions. In fact, the territory, situated to the far south-est of the country, has a height of between 0 and 100 meters above sea level.

This is why this territory is regarded as the first priority for the placement of wind power turbines to produce as much as possible

According to governmental bodies measurements of wind speed in some areas of the Romanian Black Sea ( 10 meters above sea level), the average wind speed throughout the year is 4,07m/sec at about 20m hub height.
 However, it is important to stress that the project is to be implemented further to the south part of the territories, with height of up to 20 meters above sea level.
These conditions are true all year round, especially from autumn through spring but also during summer season with slightly lower records.

Therefore, the area becomes the most adequate location to ensure the economic success of this project.

. The projected land is generally used for agricultural purposes by locals, and its ownership is widely split amongst small owners (some 2 to 5 thousand square meters for each owner).

It is important to highlight that electricity supply lines are already available in and around the projected areas where wind power turbines would be installed.

This will highly facilitate the direct connection of individual turbines to the electricity company.
All potential locations are easily accessible, as they are already being used by the farmers

While the company continues to look into potential donor funding for this initiative, several local banks have expressed their willingness and readiness to contribute to the funding of their project.

However I am open to discuss any additional proposals in this regard.

Based on the above, I intends to implement a wind power project that consists of the installation of a big wind power turbines, in cooperation with you, to produce 100 MW in each case, with a total projected production of up to 600 MW.
Generated power will then be directly sold to the national Electricity Company, or to a private company who commits to sell all generated power for an initial period of 20 years.
Therefore, proposals shall include as much detailed technical specifications as possible, together with indicators of proved production capacity if used the USA tehnology
Here the focus of the results is on penetration of wind electricity in the electricity system as simulated in a long-term model experiment in which the electricity demand is kept constant over time.

All important parameter are included in a sensitivity analysis.

With increasing penetration levels the cost reduction of wind electricity caused by upscaling and technological learning is counteracted by the cost increase due to  the need for additional back-up capacity,  the need to generate wind electricity at less favourable sites, and discarded wind electricity because of supply–demand mismatch.