Saturday, November 9, 2013

(VIDEO) The TU Delft Forze VI wants the Nurburgring record for an hydrogen vehicle!

The University of TU Delft in the Netherlands unveiled the specs of their new fuel-cell race-car powered by hydrogen, the Forze 6. Result of five years of development, here is presentation of this green cannonball which in addition to its eco-friendly powertrain features some interesting innovations.
On paper, its performances are exceptional. 0 to 100 kph is achieved in less than 4 seconds and maximum speed is listed at 220 kph, probably due to its aerodynamics both aesthetic and efficient. Two independent electric motors (one on each rear wheel) provide a combined power of 260hp in peak (190kW) for a weight of only 800 kg.
As a reminder, the previous version built by the University of Delft, the Forze 5 developped only 36kW but was already fitted with a fuel cell.
The car offers some innovative technologies, such as the use of water, by-product of the chemical reaction, which serves as a coolant for the brakes. To our knowledge, this is the first time that such a system will be tested!
The Forze 6 will be built this Spring with testing during the Benelux Caterham Cup facing 200 hp and 550 kg Lotus 7, but it will also go for the lap record for a hydrogen vehicle on the famous Nurburgring!
The format of the Caterham Cup in Benelux in which the Forze 6 will compete is ideal for the car since the 10 races will be held in sessions of 30 minutes each.