Saturday, November 9, 2013

EICMA 2013 : Caterham launches a two-wheeler division and two electric bikes!

Fans of the brand may take it for a joke but it's true,Caterham is diversifying and launches a two-wheel division with three models, a “SUV” motorcycle with automatic transmission and 750cc engine but also two electric bicycles, one high-tech , the other more retro.
At Milan’s two-wheeler show EICMA which opened its doors today Cateham surprised by presenting a range of bikes.
Caterham Classic e-bike
Range of 40 to 80 km accessible without license, an electric bike with retro-look, and a true-fake v-twin to enhance its style .
Caterham Carbon e-bike
It is a demonstration of Caterham Composites’ expertise - an e-bike with technology and materials derived from F1.
An impressive superbike fork, aluminium frame and aluminum parts lasered . A sleek style that contrasts with its oversized tires.
The Caterham Bikes division managed by Al- Ishsal Ishak eyes the Asian markets, Europe, North America and South America .
More than concepts those bikes will see production from spring 2014 and will be priced “affordably”!