Saturday, November 9, 2013

Zero emissions vehicles ATX230E

Zero emissions vehicles ATX230E are able to put together lightness and flexibility with power and performance, the only ones in their category.
The ATX230E model ranks among the 210E and 240E, it has the lightness and flexibility of the first one and the power of the second one.
For these characteristics it is ideal for working in the same areas of ATX210E if major powers are necessary.
With a towing capacity up to 3000 kg and a loading capacity up to 1000 kg, a maximum negotiable slope of 35% and a maximum speed of 35 km/h, this vehicle has no equal among the vehicles in its category on the market.
This model is suitable for both on-road use (approved at European level, category L7e) and off-road thanks to the presence of the reinforced rear axle (the same installed on the ATX240E) and to a good approach and departure angle.
Is the ideal vehicle for those who need to carry or tow heavy loads such as logistics, airports, railway stations; but also for those who must use the vehicle on rough terrain such as agricultural land, vineyards, farm estate, in this case, the vehicle can also be equipped with large tires for not damaging the ground in the case should be used on turfgrass.
Table with the principal technical specs:
Specs ATX230E Notes
Motor AC electric motor AC motors allow greater performance, they are extremely quiet and require less maintenance than DC motors.
Max speed 35 km/h The maximum speed is indicative and evaluated on flat ground under optimal conditions of usage in SPORT mode.
Regenerative brake Yes The engine brake with energy recovery ensures high safety standards and perfect descent manoeuvrability, as well as lowering consumption.
Range 75 km The maximum is indicative and evaluated on flat route under optimal conditions of use, ECO mode with proper and energy-saver driving style, max speed 20 km/h, not continuous use (discharge batteries in 5 hours).
Complete charging 2,00 euro
Loading capacity (chassis) 1000 kg The high load capacity is guaranteed by a very strong chassis.
Cargo bed lenght 180 cm
Vehicle lenght 352 cm
Width 127 cm The small width allows to operate in confined areas.
Power 8 kW Available power and torque are really for professional and intensive use.
Max. power 14 kW Max power to face slopes and towing jobs. Best in category.
Negotiable slope 35%The ATX are probably the only electric vehicles in their class to maintain high performance even in the presence of slopes and difficult land. 
Technical specs of the ATX230E HERE 
The ATX230E electric vehicle is ideal for: municipalities, universities, tourist and sport facilities, hospitals, logistics and forwarding, environmental services and waste collection, railway stations and airports when you need a high load capacity and towing; off-road use such as farms, hilly terrains, dirt roads.