Saturday, November 9, 2013

This is first 4WD Aston Martin a plug-in hybrid DB9![VIDEO]

Aston Martin just presented a prototype under development in partnership with Bosch for nearly a year, it is a plug-in hybrid DB9 whose technology confers an additional two wheel drive at the front with a combined 180kW from electric motors located on the front axle.
The power of the 6.0l V12 is upgraded to 740hp (original 510hp) and the 0 to 100kph to 3.7 seconds (4.6secs before), its battery whose capacity is unrevealed allows 25km of range for a total additional weight of 300kg.
The purpose of the experiment is to show that the hybridization can be used to increase the power - as well as the trend of hybrid hypercars proves.
After the hydrogen hybrid Rapide that raced in Nurburgring 24h, Aston Martin seems highly attracted to hybrid drives with interesting demonstrators that could one day lead to a production model, who knows!