Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Volkswagen e-Bora, upgraded

German automaker Volkswagen and their two joint venture partners seem to be keen on invading China with electric cars, despite the lack of a national charging infrastructure. While Shanghai-VW are working to produce a pure electric Lavida sedan, teased back in April, FAW-VW are working on the below VW Bora pure electric sedan.
The Bora is stocked with VW’s Blue-e-Motion Li-ion batteries rated at 26.5kWH whilst the batteries weigh in at 315kg including their cooling systems.
Protean Electric In-Wheel Motors will Make the Volkswagen e-Bora Electric Vehicle More Efficient
The Volkswagen e-Bora, a compact electric vehicle being manufactured in China, is actually not that new, being electrified some years ago, but will soon be upgraded by the installation of in-wheel electric motors developed by Protean Electric.
Protean Electric has been developing electric motors for electric vehicles that aren’t quite like the others. An electric vehicle conversion, aside from finding space for the battery packs, typically replaces the internal combustion engine with an electric motor, utilizing the same transmission and drivetrain. This introduces a lot of inefficiency in the system, which robs the vehicle of range, and doesn’t function as well for regenerative braking.
In addition, FAW-Volkswagen plans to begin on-road testing of the E-Bora sometime next year. The testing will be conducted in several Chinese cities including Foshan and Changchun. Pricing and expected launch date are not available at this time, but FAW-Volkswagen is promising that the E-Bora will reach dealer lots, despite that fact that several other Chinese automakers have assessed the market and chosen to dial back their electric vehicle plans.