Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Renault's Pamu is coming naw

Renault’s PAMU Project Turns Fluence Z.E. EV Into Self-Driving, Self-Charging Car
The rest of us can just think of it as an automated parking valet.
Renault's first autonomous driving project is based on a Fluence ZE electric car - well, it would be, wouldn't it? - that's able to park itself and then, later, meet you at a pre-arranged place.
Meet the Plateform Avancée de Mobilité Urbain (Advanced Urban Mobility Platform) — a join collaboration between Renault and various engineering partners, including the University of Technology in Compiègne, the French Institute of Transportation Sciences and Technologies, the INRIA, ENSTA, Viveris, Acuminate, Viametris, Tecris, Cohda access, and Mobileye.
Funded by the General Council of Yvelynes, a French department in the region of Île-de-France, the project has kitted out a Renault Fluence Z.E. with the same kind of autonomous self-driving technology found in Nissan’s self-driving LEAF prototype, along with a beefy wireless telematics system and wireless charging technology. Combined, they give the Fluence the ability to drive itself unattended around a parking lot, park itself and, most importantly, charge using wireless inductive charging technology when the parking space is fitted with it.
While this functionality may do away with professional valet drivers, the real-world implications of this technology spread far further than never having to find a parking spot again.

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