Monday, October 14, 2013

System monitors oscillations in wind turbine blades

Phoenix Contact has introduced a system for monitoring the oscillations of wind power installation (WPI) rotor blades.
As a result of increasingly longer blades, the systems monitoring their loads and oscillations must keep up with rising demands.
The RBTM (Rotor Blade Tension Monitoring) systems uses strain gauges glued into the rotor blades. These sensors provide measuring data for calculating the mechanical stress imposed on the rotor blades.
Programmable digital outputs can be used to transmit an alert signal in the event that configured thresholds are exceeded.
All data can be made available for performing analyses. Data transfer takes place either via an optional modem or directly via the fieldbus built into the WPI.
The monitoring system is compatible with a range of buses including Profinet, Profibus, Modbus, or CAN.
There are two versions available, depending on whether the system is to be introduced as a retrofit or is to be part of the electrical design.
The box system can be retrofitted and comes with a fully preassembled control cabinet ready for mounting in the hub.
The SD card version allows the controller and I/O modules to be installed into the pitch control cabinets.

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