Tuesday, October 22, 2013

MONO The Single Person Electric Car by Elena Gerber

When Elena Gerber decided to create a concept of the perfect single-person commuter car, no one expected to see a vision that could lead us to a fun filled and efficient future. MONO is Elena Gerber’s concept of the perfect commuter car, and it is hard to argue. The all-electric vehicle is extremely efficient and designed to reduce demands on traffic packed highways. MONO adapts to traffic conditions by reducing its size when traffic slows and becomes congested. The overall length of the vehicle shrinks to provide more maneuvering room and to reduce space taken on the highway. Imagine if thousands of commuters had cars that shrank and moved nimbly through tight spaces. Traffic jams could quickly become a historical event.
While we are amazed by Elena’s concepts to reduce demands on energy and the roads, our top reason for loving the design is style. MONO has the appearance of freedom and fun, much like a fun-filled sprint on a motorcycle, but with more protection, safety, and efficiency.