Friday, October 25, 2013

Malaysia reports surge in renewable energy projects

Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia (Seda Malaysia) has approved 2,628 renewable energy applications with a total installed capacity of 484 MW since the implementation of the FIT mechanism on Dec 1, 2011. Of this total, 655 projects with a total installed capacity of 118 MW have begun operations. Seda Malaysia noted that solar photovoltaic has also shown a steady growth in Malaysia. It said that until Sept 30, 2013, solar PV had the highest percentage for approved applications or 39.7% or 192 MW of installed capacity.
This compares with bio mass at 152.5 MW or 31.5% while small hydro had 23.8% or 115.1 MW and biogas 5.01% or 24.2 MW. Seda Malaysia has approved 2,279 applications for individuals with a total capacity of 24.4 MW to date. Of this total, 592 applications with an installed capacity of 8.98 MW have commenced operations. The authority will not release any solar PV quota for this year because of the need to ensure all approved applicants can achieve commercial operation before Dec 31, 2013.