Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hyosung Develops Offshore Wind Power Generator with 5.9MW Capacity

Hyosung's offshore wind power generator.
Hyosung announced on October 14 that it has developed a 5.9MW high-voltage permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG), which is a key component of large-scale wind turbines.
The generator produced at this time is a result of the national plan for the development of offshore wind power generation systems led by the government. Hyosung, as a main participant of the project, has developed not only key PMSG components but also top-notch technologies for basic design, production and performance testing. It is the first PMSG with a capacity of 5MW developed by a Korean company.
Hyosung explained that the new product has higher power generation efficiency and quality compared to imported ones. In order to increase the efficiency of a wind power generator, the harmonic content distorting the voltage shape should be low. According to the company, its product’s harmonic distortion factor is less than 1%, less than one-third of those of existing PMSGs.
In addition, Hyosung’s generator adopted an independent two winding system, in which power coils are separately arranged in parallel, so that it can generate power even when one of these is broken. The company has completed the IEC and GS tests in the presence of the DEWI-OCC, a German certification agency.