Monday, September 30, 2013

Tokyo Motor Show: New Nissan Z to Debut

            Nissan’s 370Z Nismo for 2014
Rumors are in the air as the Tokyo Motor Show prepares for a spectacular opening on Nov. 22. Nissan executives have hinted they will uncover a concept version of the company’s next Z sports vehicle. Many industry experts predict the small, lightweight successor to the current 370Z will perhaps feature electric propulsion of some kind. That guess would not be far off the mark, considering that Nissan has led the way in mass-produced EV vehicle production.
The clip above chronicles one of Nissan’s newest electric car advertisements for its Leaf. As in other commercials for the all-electric vehicle, Nissan conveys the sense of pure fun along with the idea of emission-free driving. What better musical theme for the ad than the Beatles classic, “Revolution.” “We all want to change the world,” as the song states, “But if you talk about destruction, don’t you know that you can count me out!” At the end, the narrator intones an impressive statistic about Leaf ownership and advises viewers to “join the movement, and never buy petrol again.”
Tokyo Motor Show History
What is today hailed as one of the most massive and prestigious auto expos on earth had some very humble beginnings. The first TMS was held in 1954, a time when most Japanese citizens did not even own private vehicles. As the event’s website describes the mood of that year, car ownership was nothing more than a dream for the average Japanese adult. The 1954 show was called the “First All-Japan Motor Show,” and consisted mostly of trucks and motorcycles. Just 17 passenger cars were on display.