Monday, September 23, 2013

Chrysler Plans 300 Hybrid for 2013

Article speculates on what a future Chrysler 300 Hybrid might be like.
The American based automaker 'Chrysler Group' is planning to launch a hybrid version of its 'Chrysler 300 sometime by 2013. The CEO of Chrysler Group, 'Sergio Marchionne' have confirmed the news at the Detroit Motor Show recently. The company has showcased its 2011 version of the 'Chrysler 300 at the motor show.
Chrysler has equipped a fuel efficient transmission system with this 2011 version. Sergio Marchionne informed that the proposed hybrid version would utilize the power from an electric source as well as from a conventional gasoline engine.
First look
The 2011 version of the 'Chrysler 300 was just released. However, the proposed version would equip a conventional gasoline engine along with a powerful electric motor to propel its wheels. Chrysler Motors launched an eight speed transmission system with the 2011 version. The same transmission system is expected to be included in the hybrid version too. This automatic transmission system has improved the fuel economy of the newer version boosting a mileage of 31 miles per gallon on the highways. The company has not revealed any visual resources about this hybrid version.