Friday, August 23, 2013


The Disconnect European green energy turns into a nightmare. 
The United States is next. 
By Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D.
“The European Union is wracked by sovereign debt, budget deficits, monetary weakness, slow economic growth, trade deficits with the emerging economies, an aging population, and mass unemployment—but it has the supposedly proud role of world leader in Green Energy Transition.” —Andrew McKillop, former energy analyst, Euro Commission
Despite strong early signs that green energy was a boondoggle, Europe dogmatically positioned itself to be the world’s leader in alternative energy. Its once shining hope was always disconnected from reality, doomed from the start. Benny Peiser is director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation in London. In the May 13, 2013, edition of the Financial Post, he laid bare Europe’s cost of green energy:
“European consumers have subsidized renewable energy investors by a staggering 600 billion euros [$776 billion] since 2004. Germany’s green transition alone may cost energy consumers up to a trillion euros by 2020.” The investors Peiser referenced represent the very big businesses so hated by progressives that live off the government largesse. Termed rent-seeking, they got fat off the taxpayers’ sweat. “This is the biggest wealth transfer in the history of modern Europe,” Peiser says, “from the poor to the rich.”
Our current administration and progressives in both political parties seem immune from the harsh lessons learned in Europe, and that should cause all Americans great concern. The only way to bring reality back to government is at the ballot box. Tragically, most Americans are oblivious and the harsh reality is that these kinds of changes are often wrought by a very few dedicated people. That may just be you and me
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