Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Netherlands brings barber pole-like wind turbine manufacturing to Michigan

LANSING -- A Michigan company announced Monday that they are partnering with two firms from the Netherlands to produce wind turbines and heat exchangers at a facility in Brighton

Representatives from Center PowerD Management, Verwater Environmental and StatiqCooling gathered with Lt. Gov. Brian Calley and Rep. Bill Rogers (R-Brighton) to make the announcement Monday. Center PowerD will produce vertical wind turbines based on Verwater's design as well as StatiqCooling's heat exchangers at its Brighton facility.
The wind turbine design "rotates like a barber pole," George Groat, CEO of Center PowerD, said at the announcement. The turbines can be mounted in urban areas and atop buildings, Groat said, and require low wind speeds.
The company has already begun fabricating the turbines, and Groat said he expects his firm to create up to 150 jobs by the end of the year. The turbines are already being sold in both Ohio and Michigan, Groat said, and will expand nationwide.
Center PowerD is also producing heat exchangers for StatiqCooling, which use evaporation of water to heat and cool buildings. Center PowerD made connections with both Netherlands firms through economic development visits by state officials to the Netherlands last year, Groat said.
The heat exchangers can use any water source, including rain water, to power the system, which harnesses evaporation to control air temperatures inside buildings.
Additionally, Center PowerD will be producing dredging and water filtration equipment for Genesis Water, a Colorado firm.
Calley said after the announcement that Rogers was responsible for bringing these opportunities to the state's attention to help create the jobs through "matchmaking."
"It's nice to see one of those matches come to fruition," Calley said.
Rogers said the state is not offering any tax incentives to support the alliances, and called the announcement a "win-win for everyone."