Monday, June 24, 2013

The Bodangora Industrial Wind Turbine Facility

The proponent of the Bodangora Industrial Wind Turbine Facility has long stated that the project would go to the Planning and Assessment Committee (PAC) well before the end of May.
Whilst there is still a couple of days left in the month and we may eventually see the project at PAC, Infigen has just announced that it is yet to decide if it will go ahead with up to $2bn worth of investments.
Investment in the industry has pretty much stalled, more than likely until at least after the federal election in September and a proposed review of the clean energy target.
In the meantime, may I offer a challenge to those who think that wind turbines are the renewable energy of the future and to ask them to write an article which refutes the following six (6) statements. (That includes whoever it was that wrote an anonymous letter to the Times on April 7 2013, calling me “dishonest.”)
The statements to refute are:
1. The fact that wind power is unreliable and intermittent
2. The fact that when the wind stops blowing the shortfall is supplied by fossil fuel generators
3. By reason of one and two above, the fact that every MW of installed windfarm capacity has to be continually backed up with a MW of fossil fuel generating capacity (or at least 90 per cent thereof)
4. The fact that power prices reflect the inbuilt cost of the REC.
5. The fact that power prices in SA are the highest in the world by reason of the above and by reason of the fact it has 40 per cent of its installed capacity in wind turbines. (Pundits will be pleased to know that the entire installed capacity in SA actually produced 70 per cent of that state’s power ... for a couple of hours last month.)
6. And finally, by reason of one to three above, that windfarms cannot and will never reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Mike Lyons

Mt Bodangora