Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Harness energy from natural power to save the landscape

ARCHITECT John Wilkes looks at how Gloucestershire must produce power without ruining its landscapes
PLANNERS have recently turned down a proposal for five large wind turbines in the Berkeley Vale; and, in recent weeks, have given a decisive thumbs down to the proposed incinerator at Javelin Park.
I would like to propose two integrated energy systems for Gloucestershire which preserve the aesthetic beauty of the area.
Landfill is a problem.
There should be a central government edict completely banning the use of plastic shopping bags.
Let us adopt and revert to the American-style, tough brown paper shopping bag.
Tidal power should be used to drive a crushing machine at the incinerator works to mash up all the non-recyclable waste.
This product would then be incinerated using high-powered ethanol gas burners.
The power-generated from the heat emitted would augment the energy needed to operate the plant. And there should be a large amount of surplus power to feed back into the national grid.
Wind power is good. My proposal would be for a whole chain of turbines slung beneath the old Severn Bridge attached to the underside of the decking that carries the M48.
Between us, let us devise power generation systems that do not detract from the stunning beauty of our Gloucestershire landscapes.