Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Companies and Residents are Benefiting from Low Cost Power by Switching to Intermountain Wind and Solar Panels in Utah

Intermountain Wind and Solar (IWS) has helped hundreds of people save money on their energy bill by making the switch to solar power. With their focus on educating communities, IWS is showing the difference alternative energy can make.
Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) June 24, 2013
IWS is a company that helps thousands of people save on their utility bills every month. Solar panels in Utah are being installed everywhere as more people are seeing the benefits that come from using wind and sun as an alternative power source. IWS’s reputation for solar power in Salt Lake Cityhas helped many people use the unlimited resources provided by the sun to cut their bills down dramatically. With continuous development, IWS is proving that the future of energy resides in natural power. With their Intermountain Community Solar Initiative (ICSI), IWS is showing how education makes a large impact on the decision to switch over power sources.
Alternative energy cuts back on the need for fossil fuels.
Modern society is extremely dependent on electricity that comes from precious resources like coal and oil. When coal and oil are used to supply energy to homes and businesses, they add to the ever increasing buildup of greenhouses gases in the environment. Homes and businesses continue to use amounts of resources that cannot be matched by the finite supply of fossil fuels that the Earth possesses. With the ICSI, IWS is demonstrating how using renewable resources instead of traditional energy sources helps the environment. Intermountain Wind and Solar is a company that promotes environmentally friendly procedures through solar panels in Utah. With continuous development, wind energy in Utah is becoming an increasingly common option. The ICSI is showing that it is also an affordable option as well.
Sun and wind are unlimited and abundant resources.
When you process the energy provided by the wind and sun, expensive and wasteful energy sources are no longer needed. Solar power in Salt Lake City is becoming popular because the sun shines in Utah roughly 300 days out of the year. IWS can help any residential or commercial property take advantage of the plentiful supply of natural resources by installing their grid-direct systems, hybrid systems, and wind turbines. With their recent ICSI classes, IWS offered bulk pricing, making installation more affordable and accessible to residents.
IWS is focused on staying at the forefront of technological research and trends to provide homes and businesses in Utah with the most advanced and efficient systems available. IWS’s extensive portfolio illustrates the success they have had reducing energy costs for hundreds of people with sun and wind energy in Utah. IWS initiated the ICSI to educate people on the importance and accessibility of renewable resources. Representatives would answer questions and demonstrate the use of panels and turbines. After the success of the most recent set of ICSI classes, IWS is planning more for the imminent future.
“We want to continue educating people about the importance of renewable resources and how they can save you money,” said Doug Shipley, CEO of IWS. “The more people know about their options, the more they can help preserve the Earth’s resources.”