Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Aruba On Goal To Become The First 100% Sustainable Destination

Let’s talk sustainable destinations.
We dished on the the world’s 10 greenest cities, but it looks like a Caribbean island will be the world’s first when it comes to relying on 100% sustainable energy. Which one is it?
The 70 square-mile island of Aruba. They are currently on track to officially become the world’s first sustainable energy economy by 2020. In 2009, the island built the Vader Piet Windmill Farm which currently produces 20 percent of the island’s electricity with 10, 180 meter high wind turbines, and plans are underway for a second wind farm, doubling the energy capacity, bringing them at nearly 40% – more than most places in the world.
The island is known for their Aruba Reef Care Project, the island’s largest volunteer environmental initiative since 1994 and attracts over 800 people per year on its own. Six resorts on the island are certified by EarthCheck, the premier international certification alliance for sustainable travel and tourism, and eight are on their way to receive the same certification.
In addition to pursuing alternative energy initiatives, locals and visitors alike join together for the Aruba Reef Care Project, the island’s largest volunteer environmental initiative. The project has attracted more than 800 people annually since 1994 and results in cleaner reefs, public beaches and shallow waters.
It’s clear Aruba’s ahead of their time in terms of sustainability, working harder and faster than most other countries, perhaps they can come to North America and give us some tips. I would love to see more hotels and resorts here working towards their certification for EarthCheck and think it would be a definite selling feature.
Would you choose an eco-friendly property over another if you had the choice between the two?
Photo credit: PRNewsFoto/Aruba Tourism Authority
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