Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Six panel tracking system delivers more energy from Skystream

The Skystream Hybrid 6 wind-solar system increases energy production of the solar array by up to 35 percent compared with a fixed mount system. This helps offset changes in weather through the seasons and delivers more overall energy in many locations. Skystream Hybrid 6 is based on the Skystream 3.7 wind turbine, which is among the most highly tested and certifed small wind turbines available.
Wind turbine specifications
Solar panel specifications
Expected output
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Wind Turbine Specifications - Skystream 3.7
AWEA Rated Annual Energy3,420 kWh*
Rated Power2.1 kW at 11 m/s
Nominal Power2.4 kW at 13 m/s
Energy MonitoringSkyview™ wireless communication & monitoring system
Weight170 lb (77 kg)
Rotor Diameter12 ft (3.72 m) Swept Area: 115.7 ft² (10.87 m²)
TypeDownwind rotor with stall-regulation control
Direction of RotationClockwise looking upwind
Blade MaterialFiberglass reinforced composite
Number of Blades3
Rotor Speed50-330 rpm
Tip Speed213 ft/sec. (66 m/s)
AlternatorSlotless permanent magnet brushless
Yaw ControlPassive
Grid FeedingSouthwest Windpower inverter 120/240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Braking SystemElectronic stall regulation with redundant relay switch control
Cut-in Wind Speed (power production starts)6.7 mph (3.0 m/s)
User ControlWireless 2-way interface remote system
Survival Wind Speed140 mph (63 m/s)
*Actual output will vary based on site conditions & tower heights.
Solar Panel Specifications
Solar Panels235 W PV panels
Rated Capacity1.41 kW (Skystream Hybrid 6™) or 470 W (Skystream Hybrid 2™)
Size, tracking module44” (112 cm) h x 24.1” (61 cm) diameter
Weight, tracking module125 lb (57 kg)
MountHigh strength steel
Operating EnvironmentAll weather
Temperature operating range-6 F to 149 F (-21C to +65C)  
Controller power consumption
0.982 Wh/day typical consumption
Sleeping Mode: 0.018 Wh/day
Active Mode: 0.964 Wh/day
Grid FeedingMicroinverters (included)
Sun TrackingMicroprocessor-based true position sun tracking. GPS enabled for automatic initialization. No batteries.
Sun Tracking Range  Horizon to horizon
User MonitoringEnphase Envoy monitoring system
Survival Wind Speed90 mph (40 m/s)
Warranty5 year limited warranty
Tower MountingSouthwest Windpower 45-19 HD towers for new systems; retrofit options are available for some existing Skystream 3.7 installations.3