Saturday, April 26, 2014

Yamaha PES1 and PED1 electric motorcycles headed for manufacturing

Yamaha to Produce PES1, PED1 Electric Motocycles Starting in 2016
The Yamaha PES1 and PED1 electric motorcycles debuted at the 2013 Toyko Auto Show, and the Japanese motorcycle maker has greenlit both for production. This marks Yamaha’s entry into the growing electric motorcycle market, and could disrupt the domination of startups like Zero and Brammo.
In its annual report, Yamaha slyly announced that its two electric motorcycle concepts would enter production in 2016. While the PED1 is aimed at dirt bikers wanting a zero emissions motorcycle, the PES1 is designed with street and track racing in mind, even though both concepts use the same motor and transmission.
Yamaha hasn’t released any sort of performance specifications yet, but is promising both bikes will be quite light. The concept PES1 tipped the scales at just 221 pounds, and the PED1 comes in at an even-lighter 187 pounds. That’s a full 200 pounds lighter than the Zero ZF11.4 electric streetbike, and is due in large part to the minimalist styling of these Yamaha EVs.
2016 Yamaha PED1 Electric Motorcycles - PED stands for Passion Electric Dirt. The 2016 PED1 is sort of a dirtbike version of the PES1, as revealed by the mudguard and tyres. Yamaha says that it's PED1 electric motorcycle concepts are going into production by 2016.