Monday, April 28, 2014

Tesla Model C - coupe concept renderings

The Tesla C Concept is a study of a modern compact electric city car with an original door opening system and a focus on versatility. 
The author is Macedonian Dejan Hristov.
Hristov describes his design this way:
"This is a modern, harmonic, unique design, with a sports image, for a city car equipped with an electric motor and lithium-ion battery. This car has a glass top, which covers the metal parts of the construction, offering a futuristic view on the design.
The side doors are big offering an effortless entry to the back seats. The doors are equipped with innovated mechanism for opening, ideal for conditions with restricted space (the mechanism is shown in one of the pictures). The opening and closing is automatic; actually, the mechanism of the doors would be maneuvered by electric motors.
The doors open by automatically sliding forwards: an automatic system powered by electric motors which helps when parking in narrow spots. The tail gate has a similar opening mechanism.
The tailgate is connected to an original mechanism. Besides that, it is wide and allows easy use of the trunk.
The rear bumper is attached for construction and holds the spare wheel. It pulls out like a drawer, something that allows for a trouble-free reach of the spare wheel. The same construction can be used for transporting bikes or any other kinds of belongings.
Beside the standard design, I also designed a sportier version with a bigger kw/h battery-pack. This variant is wider and features sports bumpers with bigger vents for cooling, 1-inch bigger wheels and a rear spoiler. This version would likely be called the Tesla Model C GT."
To our knowledge, Tesla has no plans to built this car, though if it isn't thinking along similar lines, we would question their long range strategic thinking.