Thursday, January 16, 2014

Volkswagen XL1 does 300 MILES to the gallon

The Volkswagen 1-litre car is a two-person concept car produced byVolkswagen. The 1-litre car was designed to be able to travel 100 km on 1 litre of diesel fuel (280 mpg-imp; 240 mpg-US), while being both roadworthy and practical. To achieve such economy, it is produced with lightweight materials, a streamlined body and an engine and transmission designed and tuned for economy. The concept car was modified first in 2009 as the L1and again in 2011 as the XL1.
A limited production of 250 units began by mid 2013 and pricing starts at €111,000 (~ US$146,000). The Volkswagen XL1 plug-in diesel-electric hybrid will be available only in Europe and it can deliver an all-electric rangeof 50 km (31 mi), has a fuel economy of 0.9 l/100 km (260 mpg-US; 310 mpg-imp) under the NEDC cycle and produces emissions of 21 g/km of CO2
The prototype VW 1-Litre concept car was shown to the public in April 2002 when Dr. Ferdinand Piech, then Chairman of the Board of Management, drove the concept between Wolfsburg and Hamburg as part of the Volkswagen annual meeting of stockholders.
-Engineers in Germany used new construction techniques and a hybrid drive-train to create the lightweight, fuel efficient car
-Volkswagen XL1 emits 24 g/km of carbon dioxide and is as large as a Polo but as low and streamlined as a Lamborghini
-Only 250 of the cars have been made, they are being sold for €111,000 (£92,490) - and there is no right-hand-drive version available
Car manufacturers have long sought to create incredibly efficient cars to save motorists money and help the environment.
And now engineers at Volkswagen are selling what they claim is the world’s most fuel efficient production car, which can do a staggering 313 miles per gallon.
The Volkswagen XL1 ‘super efficient vehicle’ features new construction techniques, an innovative futuristic-looking body and hybrid drive-train to dramatically increase fuel economy.
The XL1 is manufactured - in left-hand drive only - at Volkswagen’s Osnabrück factory in Germany, which also produces the Golf Cabriolet and Porsche Boxster.
Unlike these cars, the XL1 is ‘handcrafted’ using small series production processes and is being sold in Germany for €111,000 (£92,490).
Around a dozen vehicles to be made available to UK customers, Volkswagen told MailOnline.
Only 250 of the XL1 cars been made, with a total of 200,000 available for sale, as 50 of the vehicles were pre-production models.
The new Volkswagen XL1 Super Efficient Vehicle (SEV)
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