Saturday, January 4, 2014

Via Motors VTRUX Truck, Van, & SUV

The Worlds First Extended-Range Electric Truck
VIA Motors, makers of the VTRUX brand of extended-range plug-in trucks, just launched its first high-volume electric vehicle assembly plant this week, located in a new facility in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

The eREV power train by VIA enables larger vehicles, including SUVs and light trucks, to drive the first 40 miles in all-electric mode with near zero emissions, and a full range of 300 miles on a single fill-up. For most drivers, this means over 100 mpg in typical local daily driving. It’s exciting to drive — with more low-end torque. The electric truck performs as well as or better than the comparable gas version.
World’s First Extended Range Electric Luxury SUV
The facility which is strategically placed in a free-trade zone, and also near a number of important automakers and suppliers — will now serve as the site where new vehicles sent from the General Motors production facility in Silao are transformed into electric vehicles, a transformation that is accomplished via the integration of VIA’s proprietary extended range electric power train.
Say good-bye to range anxiety, this an electric vehicle with unlimited range. VIA’s new eREV SUVs drive up to 40 miles on batteries then continue up to 400 miles or more on longer trips. It generates its own electricity using a fuel-efficient onboard generator or “range extender.”
The Worlds First Extended-Range Electric Vans
In related news — among the many useful qualities/features of the VTRUX is its recently unveiled capacity to serve as an emergency power generator. The VTRUX is apparently able to utilize its 150-kilowatt generator to potentially power whole work sites or disaster relief camps
Prices (“in volume”) for truck = $79,000

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