Tuesday, January 7, 2014

URBAN TABBY one Open Source E.C. can built in one hour

OSVehicle - TABBY is an open source platform for vehicles. The project is released under Creative Commons BY-SA license and the CAD files can be downloaded from the official website. The chassis can be assembled in less than 45 minutes and is able to carry two to four passengers.
OSVEHICLE the 1st industrializable Open Source Vehicle
Open Source Vehicle, the concept of industralizable open source hardware designed for the automotive industry. From now on, anyone, with OSV, will be able to create his or her own personalized vehicle: manufacturers, automotive companies, but also designers, makers, and enthusiasts. OSV is based on a universal platform that anyone can modify or improve at will, to build the vehicle that best satisfies his needs.
The OSVehicle, which comes in both two seat and four seat versions, can integrate a fully electric drivetrain, an integrated hybrid engine, or an internal combustion engine, and fully finished models are said to cost between €4000 to €6000 ($5445 to $8168). The components for the TABBY are currently available for preorder, or if you'd rather wait for a completed vehicle, the first fully electric TABBYs with a stock motor will be available sometime in the spring of 2014. Later in 2014, an all electric version with an electric motor specifically made for the TABBY will be available, and updates on the hybrid and internal combustion models are said to be forthcoming.
OSV and Tabby will be presented for the first time at Maker Faire, a meeting point for creativity and entrepreneurship, held at Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome on October 3-6. OSV will be in two areas: one inside (C1) and a large one in the courtyard (A2) where you’ll be able to see Tabby in action.
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