Friday, January 3, 2014

Toyota makes Fuel Cell Vehicle star of CES 2014

Taking center stage for Toyota at CES 2014 will be its Fuel Cell Vehicle concept car, which will demonstrate Toyota's research into clean automotive energy.
That Toyota would use the Fuel Cell Vehicle concept as the star of its CES 2014 presence shows a commitment to the technology, underlined by the company's statement that it will put a fuel cell production vehicle on the road near 2015. The development in this area also suggests Toyota is not convinced battery technology will advance to quicker recharge times or greatly enhanced capacity anytime soon.
The Fuel Cell Vehicle concept is a funny-looking thing, even stranger than the Prius. However, its design is supposed to reflect the idea of air, at the front of the car, being turned into water. Like other fuel cell vehicles, this concept emits water vapor as its waste product.

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