Friday, January 3, 2014

An old invention raise the standard of electric car

The EP-Tender was designed by the French Jean-Baptiste Segard combining a combustion engine and a generator on a small trailer 1 20 m long and 200 kg.
The "range-extender" therefore sufficient to cover paths 600 km traveling at 130 km / h. Thus, it would use an electric car for longer trips, such as going on holiday.

The EP-Tender has been labeled by the cluster Mov'eo and Renault and EDF have already expressed their interest in this project.Importantly, the trailer has been designed to be very easy to attach to a car and stay in line when driving in reverse.
But Jean-Baptiste Segard believes he has a solution, which he has discussed with Renault and plans on pitching to BMW, Volkswagon, and Ford Europe. “I will drive from Paris to Munich,” he says, “and I'll say: ‘If you want to see an electric vehicle costing 15,000 euro which can drive a thousand kilometers, here it is!’'

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