Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A skateboard with only one wheel

A Mountain View company may have developed the simplest electric vehicle yet.
Designed by Faraday electric bicycle designer and former IDEO employee Kyle Doerksen (he left his design job there in July to focus on this) the Onewheel self-balancing skateboard is a study in simple vehicle design.
Onewheel is a self balancing electric skateboard powered by lithium batteries
It has only one moving part: its wheel. It has a custom-made 500-watt electric motor inside it, and a surprisingly "ideal" tire from a high performance go-kart wrapped around it. A tiny gyroscopic sensor taken out of a smart phone senses your lean angle as you stand, adjusting the motor's speed to keep you from doing a face plant on the sidewalk. Onewheel's older cousin, the Segway scooter, used expensive sensors and gears to do that job.

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