Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Liberty E-Range ,Electric Cars of Future [2VIDEO]

Driven by the “sticks” of increasingly stringent government regulations to address health problems from vehicle exhaust, energy security concerns, and higher oil prices, and by the “carrots” of government incentives and growing public demand for non-polluting vehicles, the electric vehicle penetration rate is confirmed to increase rapidly. There are numerous examples, which are growing every month, of governments launching initiatives to stimulate demand for EV’s. The UK Government is committed to 1.7m EV’s by 2020. Similarly, the German Government has committed to 1m vehicles by 2018. Volkswagen predicts that EV’s will account for 15% of global cars sales by 2020.
Liberty Electric Cars is a Clean technology company which is designing, engineering and manufacturing leading edge electric vehicle technologies to serve growing demand for zero-emission transport solutions in markets around the world.
Our experienced and highly skilled engineers have invented, IP-protected innovative electric vehicle (EV) drive train technologies that can be employed in a wide variety of vehicle platforms (trucks, buses, 4x4, SUV, MPV, pick up truck).
Liberty Electric Cars has recently reinforced its engineering team and now has one of the most experienced teams in EV technology in the world. The 12 highly skilled experts count some 200 man years of automotive engineering experience and in particular 70 man years of experience in EV technology. This unique team of engineers have created EVs that have driven over 2,500,000 miles - the greatest distance and thus best experience of any electric vehicle team in the world.
The company’s engineering activity has been consolidated into its new Innovation & Customer Support Centre based in Coventry, and called Liberty E-Tech. In addition, Liberty Electric Cars has created a support and maintenance facility, called Liberty E-Care to provide a high level of after sales service to EV customers globally.
Liberty Electric Cars has demonstrated its technical superiority in EV platform technology with the launch of its flagship product, the Liberty E-Range. This is the world’s first pure electric, luxury 4x4 that has a range of 200 miles on a single charge – this is the upper end of the range that any current EV is able to achieve.
Liberty E-Range
Liberty is specialised in the re-engineering of iconic production vehicles to create the most reliable, safe, easy to charge, cost effective, high performance, zero-emission Pure Electric transport, ranging from 4x4s, SUVs, MPVs through to pick-up trucks.
The Liberty E-Range is the first platform to which the technology has been applied, allowing the consumer to enjoy the power, prestige and luxury of the iconic Range Rover without the cost to the environment. Independent tests have proven that the Liberty E-Range accelerates from zero to 60 in circa seven seconds, reaches a top speed of 100mph and has a range of 200 miles on a single charge.
This provides performance and range that have never before been achieved in the 4x4 sector and allows for significantly lower running costs when compared to internal combustion engine cars – for example those spending an average of £50 a week on petrol would see their costs reduce to just £10 a week (based on running cost of 3.92p/mile compared to 18.58p/mile).
Liberty Electric Cars has developed unique energy storage with batteries that are larger than any car battery used before, yet they are lighter and more power dense. The battery is located in a such a way that there is no loss of interior space.
In addition to demonstrating leadership in reducing your company’s carbon emissions, you can get substantial tax benefits and other financial savings when you buy a Liberty e-Range. Example of tax savings are:
Zero London congestion charge. Saving £8 / day so if you commute by car to work and currently pay the London congestion charge you will save around £2,000 / year.
Benefit in Kind tax. Senior company leaders that are provided with a large prestige company car, at the moment, are severely taxed for this benefit-in-kind. BIK tax is over £12,000 / year for such company cars. However a Liberty “Pure Electric” e-Range is £0 BIK tax. You save over £12,000 / year in personal tax.
Free parking – a wide variety of city and town councils now provide free parking for electric cars.
100% fya. Tell your finance director – unlike the tax write down allowance for petrol cars, with a Liberty e-Range your company gets a 100% fya allowing you write off 100% of the cost of the car against company profits in the first year.
Electric Vehicles for fleets
Liberty Electric Cars offers its EV drive train solutions to fleet operators for the conversion of their fleets into pure electric, for example taxis, limousines, ambulances…
We are working together with fleet managers to assess their individual needs in order to make it a very attractive financial solution for companies by reducing the vehicles running and maintenance costs.
LEC delivers a B2B proposition that satisfies the performance and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) criteria set by the client and allows fleet operators to reduce their carbon footprint.
Electric Vehicle Design
LIBERTY E-TECH Creator of leading edge electric vehicle technologies
Liberty E-Tech’s know how covers all vehicle development phases from the initial feasibility studies to vehicle design and concept, prototype build, pre-production tests and validation including full homologation to all international standards for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Liberty etech’s core competencies include…
Systems specification and integration: Functional specification of vehicle systems, using unified modelling language (UML), and systems modelling language (SysML) to promote the generation of bug-free and unambiguous requirements.
Diagnosis specification of vehicle systems, based on unified diagnostic services (ISO 14229 -1:2006) and unified diagnostic services over controller area networks (ISO 15765-X:2004)
Vehicle architecture design, using controller area network buses (CAN buses, ISO11898), and local interconnect network sub-bus (LIN sub-bus)
Simulation of electronic circuits
Vehicle System Design Specification
Design and DFMEA
Full Prototype build and testing
DVP, Test & Validation
Support and planning of type approval / homologation activities
IPR registry
Assistance with Grant applications for early stage research and development work right up to full prototype evaluation and testing.
System safety analysis expertise in: Potential failure modes and effects analysis for design and system level (D-FMEA and S-FMEA), to AIAG process including boundary identification and documentation, functional breakdown, block diagrams, interface diagrams, parameter diagrams (P-diagrams), Screen plots for targeting of RPNs after identification of critical and significant characteristics, functional hazard analysis.
Diagnostics system specification for manufacturing systems, including SQL database tie-ins to production systems to accommodate product options and for storage of results in the main production management system.
EU selects Green Automotive’s Liberty Electric Cars to participate in prestigious EPSILON program
Full details of the impressive specifications of the Liberty E-Range can be found  here E-Range specification (PDF - 56Kb).