Friday, December 6, 2013

Energy's Future with Maxwell Ultracapacitors

Ultracapacitors store and discharge energy very quickly and are being used in thousands of different applications and considered in a host of future applications. Ultracapacitors complement a primary energy source like an internal combustion engine, fuel cell or battery, which cannot repeatedly provide quick bursts of power. The future horizon looks immense for ultracapacitors as a green, alternative energy resource.
Maxwell Ultracapacitor Transportation Solutions
Carbon emissions, the depletion of natural resources, traffic congestion and the rising costs of fossil fuels are all issues pushing the world to search for alternative means of transportation. Mass-transit buses, fleet vehicles, long-haul trucks and other heavy-transportation vehicles such as trains, light rail, trams and metros, all benefit from the adoption of a hybrid power train approach with the use of ultracapacitors. Every day, in nearly 5,000 buses from China to Italy, Maxwell ultracapacitors are enabling hybrid and all-electric drive vehicles to save fuel and reduce emissions. Consequently, primary energy demand and maintenance costs can be considerably reduced.
Ultracapacitors quickly capture energy from braking and then use that energy to provide a short burst of power during acceleration and to dramatically reduce the use of fuel in a conventional internal combustion engine or battery drain in an electric/hybrid system. Maxwell ultracapacitors are compact, high-performance, have exceptionally long-life and fulfill many of the functions of batteries but with dramatically higher reliability and are virtually impervious to any climate condition.
Heavy transportation vehicles - such as trains, trams and metros - place particular demands on energy storage devices. Such devices must be very robust and reliable, displaying both long operational lifetimes and low maintenance requirements. Further, the devices must operate efficiently under harsh conditions including handling peak currents, high duty cycles and frequent deep discharging. Maxwell Technologies solved these issues with its ultracapacitor HTM125 module for braking energy recuperation and torque assist systems in trains, trams and metro transportation vehicles.
Maxwell Ultracapacitor Wind Energy Solutions
Maxwell ultracapacitors enable engineers to design-in solutions into wind systems that optimize energy, efficiency, performance, reliability and cycle life that were not available before. For over a century, our world has been powered by carbon fuels. In recent years, concerns about global warming and the harmful effects of fuel emissions has created new demands for cleaner and sustainable energy sources such as wind. Today, you will find Maxwell’s durable, maintenance-free ultracapacitors in thousands of wind turbines worldwide.
Wind turbine operators need systems they can depend on such as Maxwell ultracapacitors that perform reliably for years in all weather conditions with zero or minimal maintenance. Maxwell ultracapacitors have demonstrated their durability and reliability at temperatures ranging from -40° to +65° C, which enables electric pitch control systems to meet the grueling wind energy expectations under virtually any conditions. Implementing an ultracapacitor solution provides a versatile, green and maintenance-free energy that delivers power bursts safely and reliably for more than a million cycles and virtually eliminates site visits to change out batteries.
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