Saturday, November 2, 2013

Wind-solar-diesel hybrid system for friends on lowest price

This is, in my opinion, the best deal in terms of price, quality, and energy production.
Easy to install, and easier to use. with guaranteed return power provided by wind, sun, and in their absence, diesel engine manufacturers provide the necessary energy for this system user
Wind-solar-diesel hybrid system is an installation with diesel generator as backup and making great use of wind energy and solar power. The electricity from generator and solar panels charges battery bank after being rectified and powers the loads through inverter. Diesel generator serves as standby when wind and solar energy can meet the power demands. With three energy resources, it makes up the uninterrupted power supply system. Without relying on public grid and no limitation by region, it can save energy and protect the environment and ensures the reliability of power supply.
Applicable models: 1kW-100kW.
Application fields: telecommunication base station, navigation base station, power transmission station, satellite ground station and VSAT station, etc.
Equipment: wind generator, solar panel, diesel generator, controller, inverter and batteries.
Independent system, easy to assemble and no need to string long cables.
Wind turbine and solar panel as the main power supply with diesel generator as standby to guarantee the steady power demands.
Free of power cost, low cost of assembling and maintenance, reduce the cost of power.
Adopt renewable natural resources, saving energy and protecting environment, no pollution and no radiation.
I do not mean price in order not to been campaigning for Hummer Products Company
There is another option, but has horizontal wind turbine

Hot sale off-grid 5KW hybrid solar wind power system on


1) Suitable for daily power consumption:12.8-15KWH
2) Energy saving,high efficiency
3) Eco-friendly,low consumption
5kw off-grid wind and solar hybrid system
Solar & wind hybrid systems product mainly use for home ,street lights system,both of them are Economic, Green and Environmentally Friendly .
At night or rainy day, wind turbine generate wind power. In sunny day, solar panel generate solar power. In windy and sunny day, both of them generate power. wind turbine :3pcs or 5pcs blades optional; guy cable tower or free stand tower optional; solar panel :mono or poly panel optional; battery capacity and quantity can be optional;
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Greentechy
Model Number: SWH
Type: Wind Power Generator,Off-grid wind solar hybrid system
Device: Wind generator,solar panel,hybrid controller,inverter,battery
Output voltage: 110/120/220/230VAC
Input voltage: 96VDC
Output frequency: 50/60Hz
Inverter type: Low frequency design,pure sine wave output
Controller type: PWM or MPPT optional
Battery type: AGM or GEL optional
Wind tower: Optional
Other: Accept other special request or configuration