Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wind Power Applications & Supercapacitors from KEMET Corporation

Supercapacitors have been established as the energy storage medium of choice in wind systems.Enercon first commercially integrated them in 2006 for the purpose of pitch control and emergency
power for the pitch control systems. Supercapacitors proved superior to the incumbent battery systems by performing beyond the limitations of the batteries. In particular, supercapacitors maintain a high level of performance in cold temperatures and have a very long cycle/calendar life while generally requiring no maintenance.
Pitch Control
A typical schematic is provided showing the location of the energy storage component (batteries or supercapacitors) within a pitch control system.Capacitors could be placed at other schematic points in the system depending on specific design requirements and theory applied. The switched mode power supply serves as the charging circuit for the energy storage component. The energy storage
subsequently powers the motor controllers, also known as an inverter or variable frequency drive (VFD), which controls the pitch motor. One of these systems is required for each blade to make a complete pitch control system. For redundancy , the systems remain isolated.