Monday, November 4, 2013

Toyota to expand electric vehicle charging testing

by Paul Lucas
Japanese carmaker Toyota may already be considered the green car leader in many circles with the success of its hybrid cars: but now it is set to strongly push its focus on electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.
The company will carry out a series of tests in Aichi Prefecture to assess the widespread deployment of both electric car and plug-in hybrid car charging.
The tests will continue a program that was established with four local governments in Nishio City, Toyohashi City, Kota Town and Gamagori City involving 13 organisations and businesses.
As part of the programme, there will be a focus on commercial charging points as well as chargers for hotels and tourist sites in an effort to boost local tourism. There will be 40 new chargers installed, following on from 32 that were installed last year. It is expected that posters and other promotional materials will be put on display to raise awareness among community facilities.
In an effort to make them easier to use, Toyota will issue authentication cards for its Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid (pictured) for G-station chargers developed by the company.
In addition, there will be coin operated chargers - priced at Y100 or US$1.02 per charge - at the tourist sites so that fees can be collected and so operators can recoup their installation costs. These chargers will be used to examine price structures and user trends.
The aim of the test is to look at the optimal locations for charging points, as well as to trial user-friendly authentication and to push businesses to install chargers. It will be supported by the 2013 Subsidy Program to support research and development for the creation of New Aichi.