Friday, November 22, 2013

The future of cars in South Africa

JOHANNESBURG – The electric vehicle market in South Africa may be in its infancy, but the market for zero emissions vehicles is set to grow in the years to come, as new entrants gain traction.
Nissan South Africa recently introduced its fully electric city car, the Leaf, into the local market; BMW South Africa is set to launch its fully-electric i3 next year; and Volkswagen South Africa has also announced plans to test the local viability of electric mobility.
Nissan will start the rollout of electric vehicles with seven dealers in Gauteng. Capacity will be expanded to Cape Town and Durban next year and the group foresees that it will have between ten and 15 dealers by the end of 2014.
Both Nissan and BMW have indicated though, that the introduction of electric vehicles locally is not about sales volumes.
“I think the real volumes of electric cars are only going to take off probably in a year or two’s time when there is more than one brand in the market. I am not saying that Nissan doesn’t deserve to sell a 100% of the market share but it is just a fact – people have their brands,” Garvie said.

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