Monday, November 25, 2013

State-of-the-Art Last Mile Electric Vehicle [3 VIDEO]

An eco-friendly, efficient, portable, and smart electric scooter, designed for your everyday urban use.
EcoReco M3 e-Scooter is compact, lightweight, safe, and easy to use.
It provides a convenient and economic ride for you, and cleaner air for all.
Your green shortcut has arrived.
We know you pledge to save energy and protect the environment whenever possible, but refuse to compromise on convenience
Unfortunately, there are obvious tradeoffs in current urban transport for short distances: It is time-consuming on foot, sweat-inducing by bike, frustrating by public transit, and environmentally and economically unsound by car (not to mention the traffic and parking trouble).
Therefore, you settle on one-way or the other.
We at EcoReco are driven to redefine short distance mobility for the better with this M3 electric scooter.
Imagine that: An eco-friendly ride that is convenient, economic, faster, and more enjoyable. Less waiting, and fewer detours to parking lots and gas pumps. Truly portable so you can always bring it along with you.
Whether you’re going the distance or just that extra mile, you can just hop on and zoom off. It’s perfect for coffee runs, quick visits to crowded downtown, stops or patrol among buildings at a large campus /warehouse/factory, or just exploring new places.
The development of the motorized scooter in the U.S. can be dated back to 1915 by Autoped Company of Long Island City during wartime and gasoline rationing. Over the past decades, even though technologies in materials and batteries have advanced significantly, manufacturers have yet provided a practical and affordable solution that can trigger wide adoption.
Similar to the way Apple reshaped the smartphone industry with iPhone in 2007, our team of environmentally conscious engineers and physicists started with the goal of providing the best user experience, and then integrated/ developed the best technologies into one complete package. The result is this state-of-the-art design, balancing the aesthetic, speed, range, portability, control, and cost.
Its energy-efficient design can move you around 500 miles for electricity cost of merely $1, almost 100 times less than when driving a car
A powerful hub motor is modularized and hidden within the rear wheel so you can go up to 20 MPH easily.
 A rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery lasts up to 23 miles on a single charge. LFP is slim, stable, and non-toxic. It is a significant advancement over SLA (sealed lead acid) and Lithium Ion batteries.
Patented folding mechanisms make the scooter easy to store. Its compactness allows you to fit more than 4 units in the trunk of your sedan with enough room left for your other favorite things
A multimode backlit digital dashboard so your stats (such as speed, battery status, odometer, trip distance, and total charge cycles) are always where you need them.
 The scooter can be charged on any regular 110-240V outlet. There is no chains, gears, or motor brushes so almost no maintenance is needed. It comes fully assembled out of box.
Low center of gravity profile with an adjustable handlebar makes it safe and easy to learn.
The scooter with its high-quality all metal frame is sturdy. And its LFP battery can typically offer 2000+ cycle life with no charge memory effect.
At just 34 pounds, the scooter is truly portable to carry a short distance or up a few stairs, so it can stay by your side at all time.
Zero exhaust and zero CO2 emissions from a quiet electric motor, so it’s green for your peace of mind and helps you on your secret mission to protect the environment.
Most importantly, as in all electric vehicles, price is one of the most critical barriers hindering the mass adoption. In contrast to some niche personal transportation options with similar (or mostly inferior) specs, such as Segway ($5000+) and Go-Ped ($2500+), we are aspired to achieve all of the above at an affordable retail price of $1199 for the mainstream.
How does it feel to ride? Invigorating!
Did you ever roll and glide yourself on a supermarket shopping cart when you were a kid (or just yesterday)? Then you already know how to ride an EcoReco scooter.
It is that simple.
There is a handlebar to hold on to for balancing and a brake at your grip, so you are always in control. Your feet are less than 6 inches off the ground, and there’s no metal bar between your legs to restrict your movement, so you can always brake and step off safely.
In addition, riding an EcoReco scooter requires less exertion than biking or walking, so you’ll always arrive looking fresh and alert. It is also the fastest way to move short distances so you can enjoy the breeze, the view, and the time you save.
We haven’t even talked about the attention you will get while riding this sleek machine and how awesome a conversation starter it is!
Specs (and some techy stuff)
Eco-friendly & safe battery: LiFePO4 (36 V, 8 Ah)
Economic with zero emissions: 2,000 MPGe*
Foldable & lightweight: 34 lbs
Agile & comfortable: 20 MPH*
Rangy & efficient: up to 23 miles per charge*
Battery cycle life: typically 2000+ charge cycles
Charge time: 2.5 hrs to 85% and 4.5 hrs to full
Motor: brushless, regular 250 W, peak 750 W
*Depends on weather, road conditions, rider’s weight and riding patterns. Actual results might vary.
Special features:
All metal frame with high-end finishing
Safe-start throttle and smart brake
Multimode LED dashboard
Smart battery management
High-performance shock absorbers
“upright”: 38 × 22 × 46 in (height adjustable)
“folded”: 36.6 × 5.5 × 11.8 in

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