Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mercedes-Benz Will Deliver A Driverless Package By 2020

Today there is a race between car manufacturers to create the most efficient and effective autonomous car.
Mercedes-Benz already have the technology, but we may have to wait until 2020 before they make their autonomous cars available to the public. These driverless features will be strategically integrated into their lineup rather than made available as an alternative option.
In a recent article in Forbes, Thomas Weber, head of product engineering for Mercedes states “Our approach is, let’s not do it with a special car with a lot of antennas, let’s do it with a standard car.”
Mercedes-Benz recently introduced an S-Class with features that can be considered as a step in direction of fully autonomous driving.
“We have the first autonomous driving function available for our customers in the new S-Class: Stop & Go Pilot,” Weber says.
Though it all looks exciting, there are certain hurdles involved. There is no legal acceptance of driverless vehicles, and there is very little acceptance in consumers for the new technology.
It will take time for the public to develop trust in a computer lead vehicle. The new intelligent driverless system has already been tested for 60 miles on road with Mercedes engineer monitoring from driver-seat.
Parent company Daimler AG’s CEO Dieter Zetsche is also looking forward to driverless cars. In his speech at the Frankfurt Motor Show, he is also anticipating accident free roads through the aid of technology.
Various manufacturers are already gearing up for driverless cars. The most prominent of which is Nissan that has recently made announcements regarding its company’s vision for driverless cars.
“Unlike us humans, electronic helpers never get tired, are never absent minded, and have zero reaction time,” Zetsche said. “And that can save lives. At the end of the day, six out of seven accidents are the result of driver error.”