Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mazda to launch its hybrid technology at the Tokyo Motor Show – SkyActiv Hybrid

Update of October 12th article with the official press release from Mazda confirming the hybrid version as well as a bi-fuel version Mazda3 SkyActiv-CNG Concept
The rumor was circulating but without official release, it was difficult to believe that Mazda - which focuses primarily on the efficiency of engines (SkyActiv) and the mild-hybrid technologies (i-eloop) would launch a full hybrid model.

Mazda obviously chose the Tokyo Motor Show to reveal this new SkyActiv Hybrid powertrain, a first for the brand.
This SkyActiv Hybrid technology presumably comes from the partnership with Toyota signed three years ago.
Preliminary specs of the Mazda 3 hybrid
The 2.0l gasoline 4-cylinder SkyActiv G is combined with an electric motor for a consumption of only 3.2l/100km in JC08 cycle. The petrol unit produces 99hp and 140 nm while the electric motor develops 82hp and 207nm , the combined output could offer some interesting performances but on the front axle only for the moment.
No official press release to detail the future Mazda 3 hybrid but an image that provides the first figures.
The price of this Mazda 3 SkyActiv Hybrid – to be available as a sedan only for the moment in Japan – is announced at € 17,779 (2,373,000 yen ), the official reveal is set to November 21st and its arrival in Europe expected in late 2014.