Friday, November 22, 2013

Kubo Electric Scooter by Lit Motors

Kubo electric scooter is a unique, fun scooter to ride around the city. The hollow body reminds us to Stinger and Cargo, well, great minds think alike. Kubo (read: “koo-bo”) is able to carry anything you need or your daily essentials to anywhere you want to go, it’s 100-percent electric.
Lit Motors is a company that adores 2-wheeled vehicles, we have featured C-1 Gyro scopically Electric Motor cycle previously and now they want to offer you a newly designed motor scooter. The problem with existing scooter is the ability to carry stuff, keeping this in mind, the company started to design a concept scooter during their free time to see if they could develop their own innovative scooter.

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