Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hybrid Energy Systems – Mother Nature Sets Examples

Mother Nature has arranged for human energy supplies through fruit, vegetables, meat, milk, nuts and the like. These are all concentrated energy resources which are used by human beings to get various required supplies of energy. Further, nature has also arranged for energy supplies necessary for functioning of human societies and ecosystems through sunlight, water, wind, geothermal energy, fossil fuels, biodegradation, oceans, gravity, fire, lightening and many more. A bit of rational thinking would make us realize that nature desires diversity in supply of energy and we should learn to follow. Mother Nature has demonstrated a well balanced hybrid system of energies and matters in the form of this universe and presented it to us for our benefit.
Interestingly there are companies following the nature’s example, and one is referred here for general awareness. Solar Botanic is a Netherland based company developing electricity generating trees harnessing energy from wind and solar radiations. Based on nature’s design – biomimicry – the leaves (called Nanoleaves) of these trees are designed to exploit movement due to wind and their surface Nantennas (tiny electromagnetic collectors on the surface of nanoleaves) capture solar radiations, converting both to electric watts. This is a very good example of Hybrid Energy Systems closely imitating nature, although a bit technology intensive and may not be possible for everyone to follow at this point in time.
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