Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hercules - SEMC Solar Electric Vehicle@Guangzhou Jcar Industrial Co., Ltd.

Vehicle Dimension (L×W×H) 2850×1100×1260 mm
Motor Power 500、800、1000、1200W
Battery Type Lead Acid 48V30ah

Battery Charging Time 5-12h
Life Of Solar Panel 25 Years
Full Charge Endurance 70km
Seat Height 680mm
Speed 35km/h
Max. Load 400 kg
Vehicle Net Weight 150 kg
Guangzhou Jcar Industrial Co., Ltd. is an innovative company, which is specialized in the field of solar energy. After years of research and experiments, we succeeded in transforming the solar light to electricity and finally into kinetic energy with high efficiency, which is absolutely a revolution in solar industry. Currently, we apply such technology to electric scooters and vehicles, which gained excellent results. We are very proud to introduce you the “SEMC Solar Powered Electric Scooter”