Monday, November 18, 2013

Frankfurt Motor Show. Preview the Citroen Cactus Concept

C-Cactus was a radical automotive approach that posed a number of key questions: What do motorists expect from cars in today’s world? And which equipment and features really count? The exercise pushed engineers and designers to make sweeping changes and explore new solutions to motoring challenges. The pragmatic approach avoided the unessential to concentrate on what makes motorists feel good. The end result is the Citroen Cactus – a concept car which previews future models in the C-line.
The Citroen Cactus boasts proportions optimised for efficiency and comfort with:
- The dimensions of a compact hatchback (4.21 m long & 1.75 m wide)
- An ideal balance between one-third glazed area and two-thirds wing surface
- High ground clearance (21 cm) but with an optimised height of just 1.53 m
- Reduced overhangs, with the wheels directly located at each corner