Friday, November 1, 2013

Electric Motorcycle Racing Just Got Viable Thanks to FIM Partnership

Renamed, Rebranded TTXGP to Bring Electric Motorcycling Racing to the Masses
Starting in 2013, the organization will host four events to be held in conjunction with FIM motorcycle races in Europe and the U.S
The folks who bring you top-tier Moto GP racing and the guy who invented the electric motorcycle grand prix are teaming up to bring e-bike racing to the masses. It’s a huge win for the upstart TTXGP series and smart move by the The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), the governing body of two-wheeled racing.
The TTXGP established itself in 2009 as a scrappy series that aimed to take on the world of e-bike racing. Since then, it’s hosted dozens of races across Europe, North America and Australia and almost single-handedly created the burgeoning sport of electric motorcycle racing. But it was never going to be more than a niche sport without some serious muscle behind it — which is exactly what the FIM brings to the table. Working together, the two can amp up exposure and thrust it into the mainstream.
Beginning this year, the TTXGP – which will be renamed and rebranded – will host four events to be held in conjunction with FIM motorcycle races in Europe and the U.S., culminating in the series final in Asia. Next year, it plans a minimum of six races on three continents before breaking out with its own calendar of races in 2015.
“For that to happen, we’ll be bringing out more content, more bikes and more classes,” says Azhar Hussain, the founder of TTXGP. And that starts with sourcing talent that’s flown (or ridden) under the radar.
Imagine this: You go out and buy a Empulse RR, the insane, all-electric road-going racer from Brammo. You compete in regional events, designed as feeder series for the championship. If you dominate your division, you’re given a full ride to the championships.
“You can go from entry to a winner in 18 months,” Hussain says.
The partnership is a reconciliation of sorts for the TTXGP and the FIM, which were to work together in 2009 to showcase electric motorcycle racing at the Isle of Man TT. But then the FIM walked away — and took the TTXGP’s rule book with it — in November and announced the E-Power series. Those races didn’t draw nearly the grid or support of the TTXGP series, and generated a split within the sport. This partnership finally sets things right, so all involved can work to advance the sport.
The name of the series and the event calendar for 2013 will be announced soon, so there’s time to grab your leathers, snag an e-bike and get to the track.