Saturday, November 30, 2013

Announces return to top for EcoCentre

Eco E™ is a two-seater electric car that is as fun to drive as it is economical to buy and operate. 
Some of the features that you will enjoy are:
-A fully-enclosed passenger cabin with locking doors and operable windows
-Locking storage trunk
-Wiper and lights for day and night, all-weather operation
-Digital stereo with USB connectivity
-The Eco E™ Commuter Car is $9,995
The Eco E™ is available in task-oriented variants that provide security and short-range solutions that have capabilities that are far superior to the “golf carts” that often used in many applications.
Eco Truck™
Eco Truck™ is a workhorse electric truck that can go where no mere golf cart-type vehicle can – the open road. Some of the features that set it apart from its less-capable competition include:
-A full-size steel truck bed with a payload of up to 1,000 lbs
-Fold-down (and removable) gates on three sides of the truck bed
-Fully-enclosed, fully-secured cab; bucket seats for two
-Heater and defroster standard; air conditioning optional
-Direct-drive, single-speed transmission for maximum torque
-Power brakes, with disks up-front and drums in back
-The Eco Truck™ is $16,995
Eco Van™
EcoVan™ is a spacious and flexible electric vehicle capable of carrying cargo or passengers. Its features include:

-A huge interior space – up to 52” wide and 50” high
-Sliding doors on both sides and a large rear hatch
-Bucket seats in front; two rows of bench seating in back
-Heater and defroster standard; air conditioning optional
-Direct-drive, single-speed transmission for max torque
-The Eco Van™ is $17,995.
Eco Cycle™
The Eco Cycle™ is an electric motorcycle with a luxurious feel and zero emissions. The Eco Cycle™ is great for driving around town and can even reach highway speeds
Unlike other electric motorcycles that have a limited range, the EcoCycle has a 60 to 65 mile range depending on driving habits with a maximum highway speed of 65 mph.
. Charge time is estimated at only 5-6 hours, perfect for charging overnight or while at work.
The Eco Cycle™ is $8,995.
Each vehicle is manufactured in China by Liuzhou Wuling Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Co. Ltd., one of the largest and oldest carmakers in China, producing 1.2 million vehicles each year.
These vehicles charge on a standard household electrical socket, 110v, typically in 6-8 hours.