Monday, November 4, 2013

Altran and Quimera to Build All-Electric AEGT Evo2 Race Car

Altran and Quimera have signed a new agreement to invest in their continued development and construction of a second generation all-electric GT-AEGT race car.
One of the key commitments outlined by Altran and Quimera to deliver tangible results for this new endeavour will be for Altran to enhance its Excellence Centre for New Automotive. This Excellence centre is the hub of the Altran Group’s projects focused on innovation and electric vehicle development, with an R&D budget of 4M euro and will now benefit from Quimera aligning its existing vehicles, project pipeline, motor sport program and global strategic partner programs with the centre.
Altran and Quimera will initially focus on their respective teams and capacities in the research and development of bespoke technologies and solutions, and the innovative application of available technologies to be tested in a motor sport environment: the most demanding test bed for new technologies in the field of mobility.
This step-by-step process of intensive testing and racing is considered the most constructive platform available to provide technology companies, automakers and the general public with the necessary credibility and confidence in the new technologies, while providing sufficient knowledge to test the safety, longevity and sustainability of all the non-fossil fuel solutions.
As a key step, Altran and Quimera will immediately present their new project vehicles to follow the path set up by breakthrough vehicles such as the All Electric GT-AEGT, presented in January 2012 at the Autosport International Show held in Birmingham’s National Exhibition Center and the All Electric Drift Car-AEDC, presented in July 2012 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
This new set of vehicles will start with the introduction of the new AEGT Evo2, designed in collaboration with Dutch designer Sabino Leerentveld, the first of a new breed of non-fossil powered race cars based on a full electric power train.
Specifications of the Quimera AEGT Evo2 are not yet available.