Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Advancing Electric Mobility with Star EV Models

We're the leading manufacturer of low-speed electric vehicles in the U.S. Star EV has cars to plug in on the course, on the road, outdoors, for moving large groups of people and for driving your business to be greener. Check out our line-up of nearly 40 kinds of plug-in cars!

SS Limited

Make the neighbors envious with these high quality, deluxe EVs. Available as 2, 4 and 6 passenger, you will be riding in style! These EV's have vibrant colors and top quality materials. Show off on the course...or make it street legal and show it off on the roads!
The SS Limited EV’s are available as 36 Volt or 48 Volt come in maroon metallic, oyster pearl metallic, black metallic, electric blue, electric yellow, gray metallic and liquid copper. The SS Limited models come standard with color complimented suite seats, 12” chrome SS wheels, ausco disc brakes, chrome rocker panels, glove box doors with SS Ltd branding, battery fill system, plush black carpet throughout the cab and bagwell and come with or without the patented 2 in 1 combo seat. SS's are available as 2, 4SF, 4L or 6passengers. 48V SS's can be made street legal too...so you can show off this deluxe EV on the course...or on the road!
2 and 4SF SS Brochure
4L and 6SF SS Brochure

There is nothing base about our golf cars. They're loaded with class-leading features like 10" aluminum wheels, lights, turn signals, high-speed rear ends, functional front and rear bumpers, roof tops and more!

Street LegalRoad ready. Road worthy. Our street legal EVs get you on the road and safe. They feature AS1-5 automotive windshields, DOT-approved seatbelts and VINs.

Off Road/Hunting
Take on any terrain with our lifted EVs!
Rule the terrain.
Battery-power meets the big outdoors. Plug in and go off-road in our aggressive line of Star EV off road and hunting golf carts.

People Movers
With families and passengers in mind, our Star EV People Movers can shuttle large groups safely and comfortably. We can seat 4 to 8 passengers on our stretched golf cars and we make buses to accommodate 8 to 28 passengers. Now that's moving people!

Plug-in power to get the job done. Our growing line of electric utility vehicles is just the answer for your business needs. These feature material-handling grade motors and controllers with torque and horsepower to be clean, green and mean.

Plug-in power.

Rugged, utility trucks built to haul, load, tow, dump and get the job done. No gas. No diesel. No propane. It's battery power built to last. These commercial electric vehicles mean business.