Monday, October 21, 2013

World's first car to boil water - NSX Concept-GT from Honda

The Honda's new concept car NSX Concept-GT is one of the sexiest machines on the track. Inspite of many latest technological innovations now Honda is trying out a new and unseen concept of water boiling inside the car.
Many have thought of drinking Tea while enjoying the journey but Honda implemented to prepare the Tea in journey itself and it looks to be a very effective tool on a race circuit as well. But Honda's latest hot racer leads us to believe that it also can be used to make tea as mentioned earlier.
The race car is hooked up to an apparatus that uses tubing to harness the energy from the car's 500-horsepower hybrid drive system, using it to boil water. The novel tea-making technique reminds us a bit of a couple other inventive Honda commercials, namely Hands and Cog.
world's first car to boil water - NSX Concept-GT from Honda