Saturday, October 5, 2013

Renault working on hybrid technologies, first vehicle by 2020

French automaker Renault is working on hybrid technologies including a plug-in hybrid drivetrain, to be offered with its passenger vehicles by 2020, claims a French newspaper. Renault is already famous for its electric vehicles, and hybrid being a growing preferred option, too seems a step in the right direction.
In an interview with Les Echos, Renault's powertrain strategy director Marc Bodin said, "We are studying the gradual introduction of hybrids in our range by 2020." And he also said that the company is working on all available technologies from a mild hybrid to a plug-in hybrid.
When Automotive news contacted to a Renault spokesman, he said that Renault's hybrid plans are in the "exploratory stage". "We have yet to make a decision about whether we will launch a hybrid car model," he said. The spokesperson said that the automaker is working on a range of hybrid technologies, including a full hybrid drivetrain.
He also said that Renault is also working on hybrid technologies for its low-cost Dacia division."We want to make our technologies accessible, so we would, of course, offer a hybrid Dacia model as an affordable hybrid alternative if Renault were to ever decide to launch hybrid cars," he said.
According to Les Echos, Renault is developing hybrid technologies with Nissan as well, and we all know that Nissan is planning to introduce its first hybrid models in Europe by 2014.