Friday, October 4, 2013

Nissan to launch new Z-car

Nissan Development boss Andy Palmer has told Auto Express the manufacturer will launch a new Z-car 
Nissan will unveil its latest interpretation of a Z-Car at November’s Tokyo Motor Show..Development boss Andy Palmer confirmed that the model, likely to appear as a concept, will be smaller and lighter than the current 370Z and could look quite different from a traditional sports car.
Power could come from a downsized turbocharged petrol engine although Palmer also stressed that he was keen to use electric power, too.
A high-powered Nismo version is on the agenda, too. “A sleek sports car is nice but not the way I want to address the next generation of sports car drivers,” Palmer told Auto Express. “Kids in the UK are not taking their driving test, so while my generation grew up adoring the sports car, we have to find a new way of reaching those customers. To me that is where the electric powertrain will rule.”
Palmer confirmed that the Juke Nismo offers some hints at what Nissan is looking at.
Palmer added: “Can we do something in the sports space? Yes we can. Does it need to look like a Toyota GT 86? No I don’t think so. Can it be more enjoyable to drive, a real sports car. Yes it can.”
“Do I know what it looks like? Yes I do. Have I driven it? Yes I have. When will you see it? Come to Tokyo.”