Monday, October 28, 2013

Motorists warming up to electric car

The recently launched electric car has been given the thumbs up by motorists at the Johannesburg International Motor show which ends on Sunday.
Young and old motor enthusiasts have shown interest in the Nissan car called the "LEAF" which they say will save them from the ever increasing fuel prices and will also save the environment.
According to the UNEP, Over 90% of air pollution in major cities in developed and developing countries is attributed to vehicle emissions brought about by high number of older vehicles coupled with poor vehicle maintenance, inadequate infrastructure and low fuel quality.
Nissan says the car will help in the fight against air pollution as it mainly uses electricity and it's 100% emission free.
The car is not cheap though as it comes at a price tag of a whooping R400 000. The car also can’t be used for long distances and can only be charged at home using your electricity.
This has however not deterred motorists' interest as they say the car has two crucial benefits which is saving the environment from crippling air pollution and also it will save one from the high fuel prices.
Nissan says they have already received orders from motorists who want the car ‘now’. The car will be available at the end of the month.